Food packaging quality tests​

Control of stored grain insects by using nitrogen in large concrete silos in Cyprus; Nitrogen (N₂) was applied in three concrete silos each containing 2,400-tonnes of grain for controlling stored grain insects. Structural sealing was carried out and air tight valves were installed to improve the air tightness of the bins. Using a PSA N₂ generator the oxygen (O₂) concentration was reduced in 44-56 hours below 0.9% and after that it was continuously maintained between 0.2-0.9% up to 23.8 days. Treatment of 18.7 and 23.8 days on grain temperature of 26°C and 22°C, respectively, was effective for the control of the adults of important stored grain insects Oryzaephilus surinamensis, Tribolium confusum and Rhyzopertha dominica. The N₂ MA provided a full control of studied stored grain insects, free-residues products, no environment chemical contamination, low occupational hazard, no-dependence on insect resistance and full control and automation of the treatment operation. On the basis of these trials the N₂ MA technology is a successful alternative to phosphine Siroflo/EcO₂fume and contact insecticides for the control of stored grain insects in large concrete silos.​